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奇异果 Kiwi

Kiwi Alias                       : Fox peach, wild pear, foreign peach. Taste                     : Cold in nature, sweet and sour. Meridian              : Stomach, bladder meridian. Efficacy                 : Kiwifruit has the effects of producing body fluids and reducing fever, regulating the middle and lower qi, quenching thirst and diuresis, nourishing and strengthening the body. The hydrolase and superoxide enzyme… Continue reading 奇异果 Kiwi

香蕉 Banana

Banana Alias                       : Banana fruit. Taste                     : Cold in nature, sweet in taste. Meridian              : Spleen, Stomach Channel. Efficacy                 : Banana has the effects of clearing heat, laxative, hangover, lowering blood pressure and anti-cancer. The potassium in bananas can reduce the body’s absorption of sodium, so it has the effect of lowering blood pressure. Cellulose… Continue reading 香蕉 Banana

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