My Story

Blessed Birthday!


Happy Belated Birthday to myself! Almost a month late but it doesn’t matter because everyday with my partner felt like my birthday too!

Really blessed to have the people around me that really cared for me in my life. However, I would still like to thank myself for being myself, for pushing myself off my limits and working hard to be able to be who I am today. Thank you to everyone who came into my life, especially my beloved hubby who always stayed by my side no matter what the circumstances.

Birthdays to me are really special because it symbolises the birth of a great person that will come into your life one fine day. Yes and that one fine day came, the person that made me fell for him so deeply with his actions and maturity. However, he is still the most childish and lamest guy I have ever met. This inner kid within himself made him so fun and loving and always caring for me at his very best.

This year, he made my birthday extremely special, at first I thought he was only joking when he said he wanted to get me whatever I wanted. Girls being girls, we just blab out whatever we want. Then suddenly, he texted me saying he prepared 3 surprises for me for my birthday, which initially I didn’t want to believe because he always spoil his own surprises. To my surprise, really surprised, when I got home, there was this parcel on my desk which I really don’t know what it was.

My eyes opened wider when I unboxed it, it was an Apple Watch Series 6! I really didn’t thought that he will actually get it because it was quite expensive but he just made me smile at that very moment, and in fact, everyday! Advance birthday present for me as I thought but after a few days he texted me saying he prepared another surprise for me. Hmmm…is it him pulling a prank on me or is it real?

Nearer to the actual day of my birthday he got me to play a little treasure hunting for my second surprise and guess what? He got me an AirPods Pro! Really really very blessed to have him in my life, not just the gifts but the thoughts and the tiny details that he attended to, for me and for us. His heart is truly one of a kind to me.

Too bad we were unable to dine out because his vaccination status was not updated yet but he did something that almost made me teared up, the last surprise he prepared for me was this amazing new iMac 24″ Pink that I am currently using to write all my posts now! I have been using a laptop that is very old (close to about 10 years) and probably he heard me complaining every now and then. He suddenly told me “It’s time for a change” and he really changed my laptop into this iMac!

Words really can’t describe how much love I have for him. What do you think I should get for his birthday? Probably I should surprise him back too! Always live our lives smiling because smile is very contagious and it creates positive vibes everywhere you go! Once again, Happy belated birthday to myself and thank you to those who gave me their well wishes!

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