百会 Bai Hui


Position                : In the head, 5 inches above the center of the hairline and 1.5 inches from the front to the back.

Simple acupoint position              : The tip of both ears goes straight to the midpoint of the line.

Indications          : Headache, dizziness, nasal congestion, tinnitus, palpitations, insomnia, forgetfulness, fainting, hysteria, epilepsy, psychosis, stroke, anal prolapse, uterine prolapse, shock, prostration, hypertension, hypotension.

Acupuncture: Flat needle, 0.5-0.8 inches; can do moxibustion.

百会 Bai Hui

定位      :在头部,当前发际正中直上5寸,前顶后1.5寸。


主治      :头痛,眩晕,鼻塞,耳鸣,惊悸,失眠,健忘,昏厥,癔症,癫痫,精神病,中风,脱肛,子宫脱垂,休克,虚脱,高血压病,低血压症。

刺灸      :平刺,0.5-0.8寸;可灸。


Posisi                     : Di ​​kepala, 5 inci di atas pusat garis rambut dan 1,5 inci dari depan ke belakang.

Acupoint sederhana: Ujung kedua telinga lurus ke titik tengah garis kepala.

Indikasi                 : Sakit kepala, pusing, hidung tersumbat, tinitus, palpitasi, insomnia, pelupa, pingsan, histeria, epilepsi, psikosis, stroke, prolaps, prolaps uterus, syok, sujud, hipertensi, hipotensi.

Akupunktur        : Akupunktur secara datar, 0,5-0,8 inci; dapat dimoksibusi.

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